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Picture Framing


Our picture framing team with over Twenty-Two years of experience in producing quality, handmade, gallery standard frames are here to help. All our frames are custom-made by our experienced framer, with designs ranging from traditional, to sleek and contemporary.  All the designs are made from our premium wood collection and come in a range of colour and sizes.


We also produce ornate gold and silver frames. Whether you want a painted canvas or a memorable piece of clothing framed, we are here to make it happen!

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Make your memories immortal


Need Help Choosing The Right Frame?

Choosing the right frame for your artwork from our large collection of frames is frustrating. We understand. That's why our expert framing team are happy to help. There are many things in framing which improves the way an artwork is seen and our experts aims to show you. Apart from the display presentation, artwork protection is also vital. Here at Faam Picture Framing, we provide both Museum Level and Conservation Level framing which guarantees the maximum protection of your artwork.

To get a quote, come and visit us at our location.

Quick Framing Enquiry

We will respond to your enquiry within two business days, if not sooner. All quotes are estimates; for an exact price, please visit our framing shop.

Thank you. We have received your enquiry.


We are proud to be able to offer a wide selection of customised frames, mounts and mirrors to meet the needs of all of our customers throughout London. In addition to the large range of customised frames available, we also supply an impressive selection of off-the-shelf picture and photo frames. 

One of the biggest range of frames is located at our Framing shop which comprise of the best quality mouldings with variety of colours and quality finishes. Our primary concern is to protect and present art work to the highest levels. We ensure high quality and appropriate framing solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s a print or a drawing, a painting or a 3D object, a poster or textiles, we can find a custom made framing solution for you.

The below is a list of our services here at Faam Gallery:

  • 3D Box Framing - including Sport Shirt Framing

  • Sport Equipment Framing - suitable for Football, Baseball, Boxing Gloves, Sport Rackets, Golf Ball and etc.

  • Bespoke Framing - Standard, Gallery,  Conservation and Museum Level Framing

  • Carpet Framing

  • Professional Frame Repair - for antiques and modern quality wooden frames

  • Professional Painting Cleaning & Restoration Services

  • Canvas Stretching - Standard and Deep stretching services

  • Customisable Mount Board Cutting - Large selection of mount board including standard, conservation and museum available 

  • Printing Services (high quality printing)

  • Glazing Services - wide range of glass types are available including standard Float glass, 45% and 99% Anti-Reflection with UV protection glass (suitable for Museum and Conservation standard Framing), Clear acrylic (wide range available)

  • Large selection of Mirror for sale

  • Hotel Picture Framing Services

  • Photo Editing Services

Our team are also open to new framing ideas to suit your creativity.

For frame installation at your desired location please seek for help from our team on your visit or by calling us at 020 3632 1468

We only use

high quality Wooden Frames

Installation Services

Picture Framing Opening Hours








9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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Address:   131 Percy Road, Whitton, Richmond, London, TW2 6HT
Email us:
Tel:   020 3632 1469

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