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Our History

Founded by Marziyeh Ramezani in 1993, Faam Gallery has organised over 231 group and solo exhibitions covering a spectrum of visual arts. Faam Gallery has also held exhibitions in Italy, Germany, China, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

One of the main aims of Faam Gallery is to promote Eastern art in all media by organising exhibitions and Expos around the world.  Among notable festivals of Persian art organised by the Faam Gallery was the First Persian Contemporary Artists Movement.  This festival forged a ground-breaking collaboration between artists and the private sector who came together to support the development of art in Persia and to honour Persian masters such as Master Mohammed Javadipur.  

Faam Gallery’s exceptional efforts to showcase Persian artists and their work earned the Gallery a silver medal in China in 2005, followed by a gold medal in 2006 awarded by China Expo.  In 2007, at an exhibition in Seoul, Popular Persian Painters, Faam Gallery’s aims and achievements were officially recognised in the award of a Certificate for consistent effort in promoting Persian art to worldwide audiences. Faam Gallery has also worked to introduce Persian art and culture to younger audiences by holding exhibitions and festivals for children, and organising creative workshops on themes such as Persian Myths and Identity.  


On December 2016, Faam Gallery started its activities in London through hiring venues and organising series of annual exhibitions and competitions - promoting international and Persian artists. Many of which includes the annual competition of 25 Centuries of Persian Architecture, A-Z Exhibition and Persian Motifs in Jewellery competition. On 27th of October 2019, Faam gallery opened its new base in Whitton, Richmond under the leadership of Marziyeh Ramezani and with the support of private investors and art collectors. The "Exhibition 26' which promoted a selection of well known artists including Manouchehr Niazi, Ali Reza Karami, Einoddin Sadeghzadeh and Davar Yousefi marked and celebrated the opening of Faam in London.

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