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Art Wall - Marcin Borys
16 Jan 2023 – 29 Jan 2023

Faam Gallery's Art Wall is a place dedicated to promoting talented artists. Every two weeks, a new artist is promoted here. This week's Art Wall features a one-of-a-kind collection of sculptures in which both frames and tree branches have been given a second life to form a single unity. From the collection of Amalgamates by Marcin Borys

Marcin Borys


Marcin Borys is self-taught multi-faceted artist of Belvedere Arts in Ascot. He works across various media including painting, drawing, sculpture and woodwork. His art is free, expressive and experimental. You will often see different styles and medium colliding together in his work. Marcin incorporates various materials, using non-prescribed methods to create fascinating sui generic pieces of art.

Art has followed Marcin from young age, and manifested in various forms, from murals on his bedroom walls, free and untamed just like the teenager he was to body art and music.

This collection of amalgamates was conceived from his love of nature and passion for woodwork, which was awoken in him by his grandfather, whom was not only a remarkable man but a life guide to young Marcin. Whilst walking through the woodland on the beautiful Surrey estate where he worked, he came across a fallen tree and scattered broken off branches. Seemingly ugly, deformed rejects of nature, and yet Marcin saw beauty in it. In his workshop he accidently placed the collected branch on the antique frame he was working on and that is when he saw the collision of unmanicured natural wood and perfect man-made piece come together to unveil fascinating amalgamate. The inspiration drawn from this serendipity led to the creation of this collection which was also inspired by the works of Darryl Cox.

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