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Season One
11 Feb 2020 – 15 Feb 2020


Faam Gallery


Faam Gallery


Visit us to view beautiful watercolour and acrylic paintings by international artists from Faam Gallery competition winners. This exhibition, exhibits more than 30 paintings by eleven artists. The styles and techniques utlisied by these artists has fascinated our Selection Panel and therefore were selected to be promoted in Season One exhibition - which are series of biennial exhibitions that aims to promote artists.

The below is the exhibiting artists;

  • Aliakbar Daghighafkar

  • Parvin Heshmat

  • Marjan Modarresi

  • Nader Mohazabnia

  • Mehdi Khosravian

  • Ladan Orangi

  • Faranak Rabbani

  • Mahya Farahbakhsh

  • Maryam Sheijooni

  • Parisa Salehi

  • Somayeh Azimi  

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