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Pensive Coffee Time
Parvin Hosseinzadeh Tabrizi


Was born on September 1963 in Tehran Iran. She started painting in 1982 under a number of master artists.
Although Acrylic is commonly utilized in many of her paintings, she has had a great deal of experience in various techniques and materials including watercolour, Oil and Mixed Media. The majority of Parvin's subjects are beautiful figures and beautiful landscapes presented in a postmodern atmosphere. She primarily strives to demonstrate hidden angles of human life in an unrealistic yet meditative world, which due to the composition and harmony of colors aids viewers to easily connect with her paintings.
It is arguable that the works of Parvin clearly ties the threads of the past and future together.
As an intellectual artist, Parvin recycles the past styles of miniature and has placed them in a modern environment to break up the barriers between fine and low art and popular cultures.

Exhibitions & Activities

Previous exhibition data not available

  • 2020 - Solo Exhibition, Coming soon, Faam Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

  • 2017 - Solo Exhibition, "Dreams" - organised by Faam Gallery, POSK Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

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