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Pensive Coffee Time
Bahman Nikoo


Bahman Nikoo was born in Tehran in 1952. He graduated with a BSc in Interior Design from Tehran University. He subsequently taught and became a Faculty member of the Department of Art and Architecture in Azad University. He has participated in more than 12 solo and 250 group-exhibitions both in Iran and internationally. 

Nikoo is a skilful artist best known for his expressive artworks. Although Nikoo is a Persian Master in watercolour, he also has recourse to acrylic, ink and airbrushing in his paintings. To achieve a blending of the traditional and the contemporary, Nikoo has developed a unique technique. His expertise in rendering flowers, plants and architectural subjects is greatly respected and has impressed viewers around the world. Some of Nikoo’s most well-known works have been assembled and published in Selected Works of Bahman Nikoo.

Exhibitions & Activities

  • 2018 - Group exhibition, "100 works 100 artists", Golestan Gallery, Tehran

  • 2019 - Group exhibition, "Painting Exhibition", Rezayan Art Gallery, Tehran
    2019 - Group exhibition, "Exhibition 26" - opening of the gallery, Faam Gallery, London, United Kingdom

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