PEARLS can fortify the effects of the Moon which influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in our physcology and our emotions. Pearls can relieve ailments of eyes, throat, digestion systems and stomach, notwithstanding advancing mental peace and steadiness and it helps to recuperate your body and psyche. Pearl is used to remove the evil effects of the moon and in turn it strengthens the mind force and increases good sleep. 

COPPER is believed to emanate the required healing energies within the body.  It wards off negative energy and brings in positive change. The anti-inflammatory properties of copper reduce pain associated with arthritis.

BRONZE jewellery helps in alleviating copper deficiency. The skin absorbs the copper content from the piece of jewelry and uses it for various body processes. Bronze jewellery is also known to help with rheumatism, joint pain, and arthritis, among other health conditions.

Blue Agate blue gemstones generally correspond with the throat chakra and aid in communication, and blue agate is one of the clearest examples. It is ideal for situations where you know you must speak up and may not feel confident, it strengthens your ability to communicate your convictions in a balanced way, neither shrinking back out of doubt or overwhelming others out of excitement. Blue agate helps soothe the mind and over time boost your supportive inner voices and your confidence.

The Smell of Heaven (Necklace) by Behnaz Mahdizadeh Tabrizi


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