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Art Wall - Aaron Bentley


7 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2023


Faam Gallery


Faam Gallery's Art Wall is a place dedicated to promoting talented artists. Every two weeks, a new or an established artist is promoted here. This week's Art Wall features an incredible and breathtaking selection of street photography by Aaron Bentley. Embark on a visual journey through the dynamic and chaotic streets of London, where Aaron's keen eye captures compelling narratives that unfold in every frame. The breathtaking selection of street photography invites you to immerse yourself in the raw essence of urban life, unveiling intriguing stories and moments frozen in time.

Don't miss the chance to witness the artistry of Aaron Bentley as he masterfully preserves the essence of London's bustling streets at Faam Gallery's Art Wall.

Aaron Bentley

Aaron Bentley is a young builder with a passion for photography. In the Summer of 2018, his journey into photography began when he took a camera on his first solo journey to Asia. Over time, his passion evolved into street photography, allowing him to simplify the noise of chaotic urban life and focus on capturing unusual, fleeting moments.

As a partially sighted individual, photography empowered Aaron to see the world in greater detail. His unique style emerged from his close approach to subjects, enabling him to reveal the intricate elements that formed the stories within his photographs.

Being of a solitary nature, his camera became his trusted companion during countless hours spent wandering the streets of London, searching for that elusive moment to capture. His art beckons viewers to cherish the fleeting beauty concealed within the ordinary, an eloquent testament to the enchantment that surrounds us all.

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