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Art Wall - Davar Yousefi
13 Feb 2023 - 26 Feb 2023

Faam Gallery's Art Wall is a place dedicated to promoting talented artists. Every two weeks, a new artist is promoted here. This week's Art Wall features a one-of-a-kind collection of original oil paintings from Davar Yousefi, who depicts the story of paradise through symbolism and motifs.

Davar Yousefi


Born in Khalkhal, Iran, in 1963. He received a master's degree in fine art from Azad University and then continued his artistic career as an art teacher at Azad University. He later began teaching at the universities of Alzahra and Sooreh. While teaching, Yousefi conducted research on Persian motifs and symbols, and later incorporated his understanding of these forms and elements in his artworks.

Each of his painting has a unique character and individually tell a story of the Persian rich culture, and therefore as an artist, his artworks have attracted a large number of viewers both nationally and internationally. Some of his artworks and designs have been enlarged and installed in the city of Tehran to beautify the city's architecture, motorway tunnels, and interior metro tunnel walls. Yousefi is still an active artist who has exhibited his artworks around the world.

Yousefi has remained an active artist, exhibiting his work all over the world. Many of his exhibitions have received international recognition, and his artworks have been displayed in countries such as Italy, Egypt, Iran, USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

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