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The Third Exhibition of 25 Centuries of Persian Architecture
December 2017


POSK Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Faam Gallery


This is the third exhibition of 25 Centuries of Persian Architecture to be held by Faam Gallery. The exhibition celebrates the architecture of Iran as depicted by thirty-five Iranian watercolourists. The them of exhibition was "Shadows in Architecture" with a strong focus on pre-Islamic architecture, the exhibition span 25 Centuries of Persian Architecture up to the present day. 3 individuals achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

Exhibition Prizes

  • First Prize with £1,000 was achieved by 

  • Second Prize with £750 was achieved by 

  • Joint Third Prize with £500 was achieved by 


Iran Arch Heritage, Fam Picture Framing, AMA Company and Private sectors

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