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Art Wall - Mike Beare
20 Nov 2023 – 3 Dec 2023


Faam Gallery


Marziyeh Ramezani


Faam Gallery's Art Wall is a place dedicated to promoting talented artists. Every two weeks, a new artist is promoted here. This week's Art Wall features a unique collection of original watercolour paintings from Mike Beare who has masterfully immortalised classic cars in his detailed artworks.

Mike Beare

Mike Beare was born in 1943 in England. He pursued his studies in Design at Twickenham Art College and much of his professional life was dedicated to serving as a Designer/Illustrator for a number of top London Advertising Agencies. At the age of 30, he founded his own Design and Illustration Company and continued painting for pleasure. Following a successful advertising career, Mike redirected his focus to his love for fine arts and commenced teaching watercolour, drawing, and mixed media for Surrey Council.

His artistic journey took an intriguing turn when a friend approached him to paint a classic car. The resulting masterpiece generated considerable interest, leading to numerous commissions and his collection of beautifully drawn classic cars.

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