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Art Wall - Lucilia Rodrigues
15 - 19 Feb 2024


Faam Gallery


Marziyeh Ramezani


Faam Gallery's Art Wall is a place dedicated to promoting talented artists. Every two weeks, a new artist is promoted here. This week's Art Wall showcases an enchanting series of mixed media paintings by Lucilia.

Through her innovative approach, Lucilia transforms traditional mediums into captivating works of art, imbuing each piece with a distinct creative energy. Lucilia's use of denim introduces a tactile element, infusing her paintings with texture and depth, while the interplay of acrylic and oil paints adds richness and dimensionality. Her artistic vision shines through in every stroke, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Lucilia Rodrigues

Born in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, in 1978, she pursued a dance course encompassing ballet, contemporary, modern dance techniques, and traditional Mozambican dances. Throughout her 28-year career as a teacher, dancer, and choreographer, she also engaged in art and theater, always harboring a passion for writing. As the founder and CEO of Ludance School and Company, Lucilia continuously sought to share her acquired knowledge with others.

In 2017, she married and moved to London, where, upon becoming pregnant with her second child, she encountered numerous health problems. To combat the threat of depression, she immersed herself in the world of painting. Attending RHACC school (Adult Learning London), she acquired a foundation in abstract painting and drawing. Her exploration led her to develop a distinctive style, utilizing denim on canvas and blending acrylic and oil, challenging conventional norms.

Today, Lucilia resides with her family in London. In addition to her pursuits in painting and her role as a Dance Fit instructor at 4Less gym, she dedicates her time to volunteering at the ELATT Wellbeing service, pursuing a clothing-making course at RHACC, and engaging with the Mozambican community in both London and Cambridge.

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