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Pensive Coffee Time
Saeedeh Farhang


Born in 1958 in Tehran, Iran and under the supervision of Master Mohammad Taghi Sahabi prcticed art and trained the control of colour flow in paintings. She was attracted to Abstract art as she disliked realism and art reproductions. Copying never satisfied her artistic hunger and she felt a strong need to communicate her thoughts and feelings through colours.

She completed her education in Abstract Expressionism under the supervision of Master Iraj Shayestehpour. He taught her how to reach out to her inner strengths and abilities and how to focus her mind and emotion in her painting.

She believes in spirituality and that the art takes shape and form based on the "present" state of mind; she believes art has new messages to convey and is not a repetition.

Exhibitions & Activities

  • 23 Solo and Group Exhibitions in Iran

Coming soon

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