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Pensive Coffee Time
Nilofar Ghaderinejad


Born in 1957 in Tehran. She got her diploma from Behzad painting school and proceeded to study in the Fine Art College at Tehran University in 1975. Her study was completed in 1979 with a B.A. in painting, at which time she was making portraits for use in books and magazines, as well as wall-paintings. 

Teaching design and painting was one of her favorite activities since she was a student and remains so, occasionally, even now. She has had many individual and group shows in Tehran and other cities, numbering to about thirty five, including two biennial shows of the Contemporary Art Museum.

Exhibitions & Activities

  • 2019 - Group exhibition, "Exhibition 26" - opening of the gallery, Faam Gallery, London, United Kingdom

  • 2011 - Mah-e Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 2007 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 2006 - Tarrahan-e Azad Gallery, a Retrospective of individual artworks 

  • 2005 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

  • 2004 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 2003 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 2002 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 2001 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 2000 - Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

  • 1998 - Afrand Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

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