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Pensive Coffee Time
Manizhe Sabet Sarvestany


Born in 1952 in Shiraz, Iran. She describes herself as a Canadian from heart/Iranian born and educated painter. She grew up enjoying the mountains and arid environment of Iran where little amount of water makes a big difference for life, and there she found a great appreciation for nature and life. 

Now, living in Canada, she finds inspiration in the endless wonder of the seasons and the beautiful scenery that Canada offers. Through her brush, Manizhe wishes to relate the beauty of days past and present, whether it be walking through knee deep grass, lonely road, breaking through newly fallen snow, taking impressions while visiting local farmers market or sketching tirelessly in local coffee shop.

While always appreciating art, after receiving a MA degree in Economics and Management her passion for art grew after she attended private classes and participated in numerous workshops to improve her technique and gain experience as an artist. Initially she focused on watercolors and oil paintings and later started working with acrylic.

Exhibitions & Activities

  • 2022 -  Group Exhibition, "Afret Women Exhibition 2022", Faam Gallery, London, UK

  • 2017 - Group Exhibition, TWS all Juried shows (2015 to 2022), Canada.

  • 2017 - Group Exhibition, Cedar Ridge Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

  • 2017 - Group Exhibition, McMichael Gallery, With “Walking in Kleinberg painting” by award Ontario, Canada.

  • 2016  - Group Exhibition, OSA Juried Show in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

  • 2016 - Group Exhibition, Urban Gallery "Visions of Toronto", Ontario, Canada.

  • 2016 - Group Exhibition, Art Walk in The Square, Canada.

  • 2015 - Group Exhibition, McKay House, Unionville, Ontario, Canada.

  • 2015 - Group Exhibition, Art show (Iranian New Year Market), Markham, Ontario, Canada.

  • 2014 - Group Exhibition, Toronto Art Expo, Ontario OSTEN 42nd Biennial World Gallery of Drawing, Macedonia, Greece.

  • 2013 - Group Exhibition, Papermill Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • 2002 - Group Exhibition, Art exhibition in Strasbourg, France.

  • previous exhibitions upto 2001 - Solo and Group Exhibition, Art exhibitions in Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan, Iran

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