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Pensive Coffee Time
Hassan Jahani


Born in 1960 in Iran, west Azerbaijan, and studied graphic design at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting University. He is a self-taught artist who discovered his calling in calligraphy and the use of symolic elements to depict his ideas on canvas. Jahani began his career as a professional artist under the mentorship and support of Marziyeh Ramezani, and was able to explore more techniques and various repeateated patterns and elements to develop his painting style. 

He later began to further develop his style and produced paintings with various themes such as underwater, animals and patterns, all of which include interlocking calligraphy letterings. His works has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the world and also sold at the Rosebery Auction in London.

Exhibitions & Activities

  • 2019 - Group Exhibition, "Exhibition 26" - opening of the gallery, Faam Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

  • 2014 - Private exhibition, Tabriz, Iran.

  • 2013 - Solo Exhibition, Private Exhibition, Diplomatic University Austrian, Vienna.

  • 2012 - Group Exhibition, Tehran Art Centre, Tehran, Iran.

  • 2011 - Solo Exhibition, Faam Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

  • 2010 - Faam Gallery Art Team at Art EXPO, China.

  • 2009 - Group Exhibition,  Faam Gallery; "Colour of Kindness (1st Pictorial Arts Festival on subject of Humanitarian Aid)", Institute for polital and international; studies, Tehran, Iran.

  • 2008 - Group Exhibition, Faam Gallery; "Best Choice", Saveh, Iran

  • 2008 - Group Exhibition, Art EXPO in Vahdat hall, Tehran, Iran.

  • 2007 - Group Exhibition, Faam Gallery; "The First Exhibtion of Iraninan Artists in South Korea", Korea Foundation Cultural Centre, South Korea.

  • 2007 - Group Exhibition, Faam Gallery; The First Contemporary Iranian Artists Movement, Talash Cultural Centre Tehran, Iran.

  • 2007 - Group Exhibition, Iran Art Academy, Tehran, Iran

  • 1992 - Solo Exhibition, Ardabil, Iran

  • 1990 - Group Exhibition,  International Iranian TV, Tehran, Iran 

  • 1989 - Group Exhibition, Graphic Design, Economy University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

  • 1985 - Solo Exhibition, West Azerbaijan, Iran

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