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Pensive Coffee Time
F. Akhlaghi


My name is F. Akhlaghi , born in Iran. I have been painting ever since I was a child and have studied Fine Arts in Iran, Greece and Germany. Following and during my studies, I have had the opportunity to hold solo and group exhibitions on an International level in countries such as Iran, Greece, Italy and the UAE. As an official representative of UNESCO in Iran, I have advised, helped organize and attended various workshops in countries such as Greece, France and Russia.

My artworks are related to ancient seals and symbols hidden in museums and books, dating back to 5000 years B.C. I believe that such seals, symbols and ancient myths have had a common impact on human identity and on the behavior and feelings of people across all nations of the globe. 

The inspiration behind my art pieces come from the magical Iranian colors on the tiling of mosques, architectures of ancient cities such as Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, as well as by the traditional color nuances typical on ancient glassware or antique Persian carpets and kilims. With the fluidity of antique colors and the dispersion of lines and hidden images, my art works create movements that invite the viewer to travel in the past through the eye-catching colors and shape, a symbolic abstract space that links yesterday’s world to today’s modern life and thoughts.

Exhibitions & Activities

  • 2012 - The Journey of Fereydoon, Athens, Greece

  • 2014 - Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute

  • 2015 - Charity of Daheshpour, Tehran, Iran

  • 2016 - Mahak Charity, Tehran, Iran

  • 2017 -  White Line, Tehran, Iran

  • 2017 - Bonn Gallery, Tehran, Iran

  • 2019 - Group exhibition, "Exhibition 26" - opening of the gallery, Faam Gallery, London, United Kingdom

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