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Pensive Coffee Time
Afshin Bakhtiar


Graduated with a degree in industrial electricity from Iran University of Science and Technology. He is a well-known Persian photographer who is internationally recognised for capturing the beauty of nature from Iran. His works, primarily focuses on nature's beauty, architecture, historical monuments, and Iran's heritage.

Bakhtiar has published over 100 photography books and has collaborated on over 200 historical and tourism publications. “Afshin Bakhtiar's Iran: Man, Nature, Life”, “Iran: The Ancient Land” and “Iran The Ancient Land” are among his notable photography books.

Exhibitions & Activities

Published Books

Parseh, Traveling to Iran, Iran the Legendary land, From Posorgodoe to Dorab, Perspolis, Iran and Iranians, Seven ClimateSiston and Bolucheston. Iran Ancient Sorey, Gilon, Chohor Mahal Bokhtiori, Iron City, Semnan Province, Seven Colors of Life, Iran, Human, Nature, life, Iran cradle of civilization, Persepolis cradle Persian civilization, Kermonshohon, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, from Homoon to Oman. Iron Behesht-e-zomin, seven colors of life, welcome to Iron, Fors, Persepolis, Yazd, Hormozgon Province, Iron Jovid Land, 18 cutaneous books of the Sun of Iron for the Ministry ol Education Research in Iron, Isfahan Province, Iran; man, nature and life with Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi in Persian and English


  • Cooperation with Iran documentary television program, Mr. Hamid Mojtohedi, as on aerial photographer over 60 cities in Iran.

  • Cooperation with research organization and textbooks of schools and with lran's cultural heritage organization and most provinces os architectural photographer.

  • Cooperation with the International Organization for architecture, including the comprehensive Mosque of Isfahan as photographer, with the Isfahan cultural heritage Organization for photography of the recognized areas and its global registration and with the municipality of Isfahan, Tehran and Kermonshoh as the photographer of the areas covered.

  • Land and air photography of Imam Reza (as) and printing the Court of Imam Reza (as)

  • Cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iron airline as a photographer of the country"s free zones including Khark, Chobohor, Qeshm, Kish and Neka

  • Photographer of oil terminals and cooperation with the Ministry of OilCooperation with the provincial provinces of Siston and Bolucheston. Ardebil, west and east AzerbaijanOfficial UNESCO photographer in the Middle East

  • Photography of Iron Museum Palace

  • Arbitrator over 40 competitions and lestival of Photography in Iron and outside Iran.

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